It’s complicated Being Simple..

Grandma often grumbles over the phone of my going home less frequently(once in two years..!!! yeah and why not,she does have a solid reason to grumble..hmm) and she stresses more on the fact that she actually misses having that “evening cup of tea” with me(but she shall never allow me to make one..she feels her evening tea should at least be rejuvenating…!!!!!! Winking smile .So while at home this time I did make sure that our evening tea session was not just “tea and britannia biscuits(she loves them…Smile)” but a lot of discussions.

And i grumbled about how Simplicity is a long forgotten word and how difficult it has become to be SIMPLE.She gave that cold look to me and said “But it was never that hard earlier.I have known one simple person throughout my life and very clearly understood how easy it is being simple…” and then there was a long pause…I could see her watery eyes and a drop of tear racing down fast just to avoid catching my notice.Yes she does miss that one simple man in her life,my grandpa,a lot.I held her hand and she looked at me and smiled( she is one brave lady..Smile)

She says we have become very materialistic in our approach towards life.Even in earlier times money used to be an important issue…coz when there is a family, there has to be money issues.But nowadays money has become “the only important issue”.We are never content to the point that we say” Yes okay ,I am at peace now”..(I do not remember saying it even once till now…!!!).The complexities of life are such that our emotions have also gained the “it’s complicated” status. We often fear to commit to anything because our so called “complex emotions” often take us off track now and then.We are too focused on the “Give and Take” policy,”more of Take and less of Give”,she stresses hard on this part.!!

We approach life like a complex riddle, where we have a multitude of variables to take care of, so many aspects of it to worry about, so many material things we long for and attach happiness to. We get so engrossed in solving this riddle of life, we forget it is meant to be enjoyed! It goes just like a song from Anand – “Zindagi kaisi hai paheli haye, Kabhi to hasaaye, Kabhi ye rulaaye!

She mentions with a worried look on her face that we are actually turning into moving machines and are subjected to rust one day if not taken care of soon.

But it is never too late to go back to where we belong,Grandma says.

The meaning of life lies not in the grand moment of happiness we are pursuing, but in those millions of tiny moments of pleasure we can get from the smallest of deeds and often choose to ignore. We think, we are fast chasing the life we long for, when – in fact – we are running far ahead, loosing sight of those moments of happiness that lie on the sidewalk. All we need to do is slow down and walk in sync with life, gathering all of them and enriching our lives.

But, sad and with a sense of helplessness ,I did say ” I wish I was born in your era and not in this machine minded age.”And with all her simplicity, she holds my hand,gives me a smile and says”Had you been born in my era, I would have never had such a wonderful tea session with my grand-daughter sharing the tits-bits of life.”

Now can anyone be more simple than that…!!!!!!!….Smile




yours truly,


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